Aerial view of houses representing a possible BOXABL neighbourhood

are factory-built rooms that combine to build almost anything. In any style. And ship anywhere.

BOXABL is a patented system that delivers factory built rooms which combine onsite to produce most residential and many light commercial construction solutions, with floor plans and architectural styles determined by the customer, at a price that demolishes the competition.

“With a global construction market estimated to hit $10 trillion by 2020, small breakthroughs in construction tech and data management efficiency have serious implications, our breakthrough is huge” -Paolo Tiramani CEO
BOXABL boxes being shipped in freight containers at a shipyard

BOXABL rooms are so shippable that they can be towed by a pickup truck, and ship overnight with zero compromise in room size.

A single BOXABL and carrier system conforms to the International Standards Organization [ISO] and State and Federal transport regulations over highway, sea and rail with no special handling required to ship worldwide.

A young woman imagining the house of her dreams, created with BOXABL

If you can dream it up, you can create it.

BOXABL rooms are huge, bigger than any standard room, bigger than any modular room, bigger than any manufactured home room. Configurable up to 750sq ft wide with 9' and 10' ceilings, up to 7 stories high.

Children playing together on the floor of a family room while their parents look on

From affordable housing to mansions, from military to disaster relief, BOXABL does it all with one simple solution.

When you build in a factory instead of the field, savings are huge. When you ship standard shipping container size instead of a wide load, savings are huge. When you use best in class blockchain based supply chain and data solutions, savings are huge. These savings made possible by our patented building technology let us drastically decrease housing costs for the world.

Young couple carrying boxes into their new BOXABL home

BOXABL rooms come in 3 configurations to fit any need or lifestyle.

The Loaded Box ships complete with kitchen, bathroom, stairs, fireplace, closets including all interior and exterior trim and mechanicals. It's move-in ready!


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