Boxabl’s Patented Shipping and Packing Technology to Transform Construction Sector

By AZO Build

Oct. 19, 2017

Boxabl’s concept allows customers to order totally customized commercial buildings or homes, which can be shipped the following day to construction sites. Boxabl’s patented shipping and packing technology allows for mass production of regular Boxabl rooms, which reduces construction time at a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches.

Boxabl realizes these cost savings by standardizing the standard room design allowing repeatability in manufacturing. This simplification of the standard room design not only allows for efficient manufacturing, but considerable customisation. Boxabl box “blanks” will be inventoried for next day shipping to construction sites.

With the worldwide market for construction estimated to touch $10 trillion by 2020, processes like Boxabl, which utilize latest construction technology, are poised to have a huge effect on the building sector. Engineered to be easier and more cost effective to ship than other manufactured building approaches, each 750-square-foot room can be packed in on itself and towed behind a regular sized pickup truck for quick affordable shipment.

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