Boxabl walls are a high tech sealed composite of various materials.

A major innovation is the removal of traditional  wall studs in favor of a single major support beam spanning the entire wall length. The horizontal beam itself houses  data and power wiring as well as other utility lines as needed.

By removing the traditional wall studs in favor of a major single spanning support beam any opening of any size can be  cut into the wall panel without requiring a custom support header directly above the opening.<

The vertical supports, which operate in pairs, are inset from the ends of the horizontal beams. This allows custom designs of Boxabl rooms to eliminate the corner of the walls completely, underscoring the design freedom the system  provides.


Boxabl ceilings and floors utilize a unique joist manufactured to fall within the grid system enabling the easy passage of utilities, HVAC, water and heat lines. Joists are substantially lightened without a measurable decrease in strength and the material removed is recycled for a zero material loss in processing.


Boxabl wheel technology provides an affordable, comprehensive solution to moving large product around the world,  over varied terrains, within existing transport regulations.

Traditional tractor trailers are impractical for moving maximum volumes due to the wasted space below the wheels. 

Boxabl wheel technology bolt-on wheel sets make full use of all available space without which traditionally acceptable  room volumes would be impossible.

Boxabl wheel technology addresses the different ride height requirements for pick up and delivery, overland transport and rough ground requiring a great deal of clearance.
Pickup & Delivery
Overland Transport
Rough Ground
Boxabl wheel technology addresses the practical realities of maneuvering large objects overland by steering one or  both of the wheels sets for different turning radii and also the ability to pull the product from either wheel set.
The efficient return of Boxabl wheel set is accomplished by daisy chaining wheel sets together, additionally stacking  them. This enables the return of multiple wheel sets by only one transporter.

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