*** This is a sneak peek at the Boxabl product. All information here is subject to change. Production begins in 2020.

Build with boxabl

The ultimate building shell 

Save $30+/ ft on your next build. Fully upgradeable customizable and configurable room units shipped to site next day. Complete 70% of your build in just one week. While you are putting the finishing touches on your build, your competition will still be framing.

3 sizes

Just connect, stack, and arrange

800 sq ft box / 20x40x9.5 

600 sq ft box / 20x30x9.5

 400 sq ft box / 20x20x9.5 


let us do the heavy lifting

Finished exterior walls

Finished interior walls

Finished flooring

Cut anywhere walls for easy window and door install

Easy install utility ceiling for HVAC, plumbing, electric, lighting, and more. 

Pre cut electric conduits everywhere in walls for easy install.

Clear span floors /ceiling. Only need perimeter support.

Easy unload and assemble up to two stories with one forklift, approximate install time 60min

We build the box, you build the building 

then add your finishes 


Compatible with your foundation

Compatible with your roof style

Add your decorative facade ( brick, siding, stone etc)

Add your interior walls

Add your kitchen/bath

Cut your holes, install doors windows anywhere

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